Then I Fucked You
text: Ondøej Tichota (Bond)
hudba: Ondøej Tichota (Bond), Ondøej Vaøil (Váøa)

I never tried to open up the door when everything was down.
We both were lying in the grass the sun was shining,
we were smiling, you were laughing at my jokes.

Anything that I wanted.
Anything that I want to change.
You were lying in my bed and I was trying to forget,
the things you told me yesterday.

-And then I fucked you!-

So many things have come into my life
and now I‘ve got to choose
I‘m looking here I‘m looking there
and when you see me I just care when you are drownin‘

All the girls that I wanted
All the girls that I want to have
don‘t reach your knees,
and you‘re my queen of fantasies
you‘re the wittiest, funniest beauty I ever met

You‘re a fortress to my arms
I wanna torn your clothes off
You‘re a fortress
You‘re a fortress to my arms
and I am the prisoner of these walls