text: Ondøej Tichota (Bond)
hudba: Ondøej Tichota (Bond)

I‘m losing my favourite game.
I‘m losing my soul.
I‘m losing my whole life
in a black hole

I‘m losing my everything
I‘m losing my faith
I‘m losing it every day
I‘m gonna loose it anyway

Everything‘s gone a wrong way
I ain‘t no home
I feel like I‘m in subway
But my train doesn‘t go
I think that I got seasick
From all the world today
There‘s some poison on my lipstick
It kills you but I don‘t pay
It kills you I don‘t pay

I‘m losing my everything
I‘m losing my you
I hope you‘ll come back someday
And I hope you‘ll miss me, too

This is a love song
To my inspiration
When I don‘t have it I fall
Into commertion