Information in short:
The beginning - spring 2003 (3 members - Kejmil, Bond, Jirka)
1st concert - April 2004, a birthday party
Current band crew - since summer 2004
What does Lykke til mean? "Good luck" in Norwegian


In the spring Kejmil becomes the band‘s manager. Lykke til give 3 concerts in Praha and at the Krišpín festival. In the spring they record their 2nd demo with a huge help of friends Vláďa and Wash (Bond taped a clip for their song Kaktusis). The demo consists of 6 songs - 3 of them are “studio” songs - AmeriFunk, Swinska, Monoton. Kejmil organises a June festival in the Velvet club in Praha so that the band can play with other bands originaly not only from Praha. But eventually Bond leaves for China and Lykke til is not on the programme list. Inspite of this fact Kejmil continues and his festival is successful. All the band members remain.


This has been the most procreative year so far. Songs composed or finished: Amerifunk, Then I Fucked You, Monotón, Knoflík, Swinska, Sunrise, Deníček, Mělnická slavnost. In February Lykke til record their first demo Radost (Joy) consisting of 6 songs. They give concerts at Lhotka fest, Krišpín, Festival of Mělník’s bands and somo other beyond the borders of their home district. All the band members remain. Boys begin to leave towns for 2- or 3day-trips, but they never go all together.


Bond and Kejmil do not give up and meet for jaming from time to time. Other people may be hopeless in such a situation but the guys keep holding on. The first concerts was at the birthday party of Jakub Ruzha. Just the two of them play songs Demokracie, Prérie, Losing and an eternal punk skelet Sem nasranej (I am fucked up). They will never play the song Sem nasranej again. Kejmil and Bond played as a "drums, strings&voice" duo. About two months later a solo guitar player Vara and a drummer Rush come to a rehearsal after being invited by Bond. Bond gets rid of the acoustic guitar and just sings, Kejmil gets the second guitar. The band finds its name Lykke til ("good luck" in Norwegian) and gives concerts at Hurá na prázdniny mini-festival at U Rosomáka at the main Mělník's square and also at SOS-fest in September. At Rosomák they also play a remade song from Bob Marley No woman, No cry (with partly Czech lyrics - guys has never played this song again). At SOS-fest they still play 4 songs - Losing, Prérie, Demokracie and newly also Naděje (Hope). In September Jakub Laxa joins the band with his saxofone. The basguitar player so far, Petr Herink., who came in July, leaces as he doesn't have tome to rehears. Rush's brother Ondřej comes. Lykke til begins to write new songs. There appear: Hácéško pro fotry (HC for old fathers), Summer of 69 song from Bryan Adams has a big success.


Spring rehearsals of Kejmil (basguitar ib that time), Bond (singing, guitar) and drummer Jirka Novák set grounds to the poprock band. Guys tried to find a name and a basguitar player. Irena Opocenska came but after a while she dissappeard from the band. Jirka alsko leaves in autumn as he playes in Skiffle-Beat and cannot manage to be in both. They start playing Prérie, Losing, Demokracie and Nech si zajít chuť (which wil wait for a new coat for two years).